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Mail In A Box Installation & Configuration How To

SkillShare Class - Mail-In-A-Box

BitsVital is proud to annouce that we have published a How To video on how to install Mail-In-A-Box using Amazon AWS Lightsail, Amazon AWS Route 53, and configuring your devices including Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Android Smartphone and Tablets, and iOS Apple iPhones & iPads.

Please feel free to leave us with any questions you may have. We love to hear from you!

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BitsVital Website and the owner David Swanson

Website Under Construction

Please pardon our dust.

My name is David Swanson and I’m the owner of BitsVital. With starting a new teaching channel on SkillShare and YouTube I’ve decided to open a new business and website called BitsVital.

I’m (David Swanson) a website designer that focuses on WordPress and WooCommerce. I deisgn commercial and personal websites. Which includes server management including mail server, cloud storage, and PBX (phone servers). 

I do a lot of work with intergration with websites that also includes mail servers, cloud servers, PBX servers, CRM’s, account software, and more.

Again, please pardon the dust. I’m publishing my first SkillShare class tomorrow and wanted to make sure the website is up an running so students could ask questions. Please check back daily as the website will be changing A LOT!!!! 🙂