How to increase the size (plan) of an Amazon AWS Lightsail Instance?

As your needs grow you may find the need to increase your Amazon AWS Instance to a higher performing instance. To jump to another plan Amazon AWS Lightsail has made it very simple. Just follow these steps.

  1. Log-in to your Amazon AWS Lightsail account |
  2. Click the three menu icon and choose “Stop”
    1. Lightsail Menu
  3. Choose “Stop” to stop your instance
  4. Once your server is fully “stopped” as shown in the bottom left of the instance box proceed to the next step
  5. Once again click the three dot menu icon and choose “Manage”
    1. Lightsail Menu
  6. From the sub menu for the instance click “SnapShots”
  7. In the field Create “Instance Snap Shot” enter a name for your snapshot (it can be anything. I normally enter the date followed by the name of the instance)
  8. Once you have a name entered for your snapshot click the “Create Snapshot Button”
  9. Click “Home” at the TOP main menu to return to the main screen of Amazon AWS Lightsail
  10. Click “Snapshot” from the main menu
  11. Click on your snapshot
  12. Click on the three dot menu icon of the snapshot
  13. Choose “Create New Instance”
  14. Verify the settings and choose the new Amazon AWS Lightsail Plan and then click the “Create Instance” button
  15. The instance will be created. Once the instance has changed from “pending” to “running” click on the three dot menu icon on the OLD server that is not running.
    1. Lightsail Menu
  16. From instance menu click “Networking”
  17. Click the “Detach Static IP Address” button and confirm “Yes”
  18. Click on the three dot menu icon on the NEW server and choose “Manage”
    1. Lightsail Menu
  19. Click “Networking” from the Instance menu
  20. Click the “Attach Static IP Address” button and choose the static ip address from the OLD instance
  21. While in the Networking menu of your new instance verify that the firewall settings match our old instance
  22. Now that you have your new instance running with the old static ip address attached to it and verified the firewall settings are correct check to verify that the server is assiable. If it’s a web server check to make sure your website it up. I normally wait a few days to a week before deleting the old instance. Once you are satisified that the new instance is correct you can then delete the old instance by following the following steps.
  23. Click on the three dot icon of the OLD not running instance. Click delete. Confirm deletion.