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Open letter to Apple regarding their App store and their >30 percent fee to the developer(s)

Open Letter To Apple

To Apple,

I’ve been following the court case with Epic Software. I want it to be known, that what you are doing with the App store is sick and disgusting. It’s the definition of CORPORATE GREED! You are taking 30…THIRTY!!!! percent from developers for their hard work. Even the merchant service companies (credit card processing) don’t take that high of a percentage from SMALL BUSINESSES!

Yes, you need to make money too. But let’s face it. You don’t have a “live” employee looking at every app and examining the code to make sure it doesn’t contain malware/viruses/malicious…dot dot dot! You have an algorithm that does it for you.

Yes, programmers like myself created that algorithm. You should rightly be paid for developing that algorithm. BUT…Let’s FACE IT! You have a trillion, a TRILLION dollars in the bank. THIRTY percent you’re taking from SMALL BUSINESSES that are making you a TRILLION dollar company! THAT IS SICK! Just plain SICK and DISGUSTING. The pure definition of CORPORATE GREED!

David Swanson

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No…Kent Walker CLO at Google…It’s NOT Flawed

No Kent Walker, Chief Legal Officer at Google the DOJ lawsuit is not flawed. My mother, 74 years old had no idea other search engines exist. She uses the iPhone, iPad, and a Chrome Book. It’s built into Safari and Chrome Book. DuckDuckGo is equally as good as Google. Once I shower her this. And, guess what? Your privacy policy and then DuckDuckGo’s privacy policy. Guess which search engine she uses now. And her first question. How do you switch to DuckDuckGo. Many seniors, MANY people that are not I.T. trained have no idea of other search engines let alone how to switch to them on their devices. That’s because you made it so difficult to do this.

No Kent Walker. The lawsuit is NOT flawed. What is FLAWED is Googles disgusting and illegal marketing tactics!

DOJ is late to the party. They should have done this long ago! At least they are acting now!

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The Power of 3 Shall…..Help A Dyslexic Out!

I don’t remember a day that I didn’t work on an Adobe product. Almost daily I work with Adobe InCopy, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator. Weekly, I work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe XD and Adobe Character Animator. And Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Animator is almost daily.

I’m working on creating multiple How-To sheets, a How-To mini handbook, and a programming book. All in Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign. Yes, it has spell checking. I’m mean…come on. I had to spellcheck in 3rd grade many decades ago. Grammar + Spelling! Grammar + Spelling + A.I = Success!

I was born with SEVERE dyslexia. I write from left to right and completely backward. My name, David. I write it divaD. And looking at it looks completely normal. Until I’m called out on it. Think about how difficult it is to write a book. I’m extremely creative. I explain things in detail that people can easily understand. But…getting those thoughts and explanations on paper is quite difficult.

That’s where the Power of Three Shall Set My Free comes in. Adobe InCopy + Adobe InDesign + Grammarly. The perfect symbiotic relationship. The API on Grammarly is there. Adding Grammarly to InCopy and InDesign would be amazing. I wouldn’t have to go to Grammarly, type my story, copy it into Adobe InCopy. Reformat the entire thing. Then InDesign to arrange it all. I could type right inside InCopy and make sure the formatting and even the design incorrect. Cutting out one large time-consuming step!

@Adobe @Grammarly #powerof3 #symbioticrelationship #cometogether #dylexia

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Thank you, Microsoft!

As most who know me know that I’m not a fan of Microsoft. Especially, when Microsoft purchased GitHub. My own view and opnion is that a for-profit corporation should not be in control of the largest repositories of open-source software. Especially, a for-profit software company as large as Microsoft who creates operating systems. That’s why I try not to use GitHub and use Fossil-SCM.

However, my opinion of Microsoft has went up a bit after reading this. I have to wonder if Microsoft wasn’t as far behind as they are with regards to smartphone and their own app store if they would be doing this. But, I have to put that to the side and appreciate that they are doing this. Hopefully this will pressure Apple, Google and anyone in the future that you can’t be a dictator. Shame on your Google and Apple!

Per The Verge article linked below Microsoft will allow developers to use their own payment gateway and allow other software sources to be used. Thank you MICROSOFT!

#shameonyouApple #shameonyourGoogle #smallbusinessstrong #thankyouMicrosoft

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Mail In A Box Installation & Configuration How To

SkillShare Class - Mail-In-A-Box

BitsVital is proud to annouce that we have published a How To video on how to install Mail-In-A-Box using Amazon AWS Lightsail, Amazon AWS Route 53, and configuring your devices including Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Android Smartphone and Tablets, and iOS Apple iPhones & iPads.

Please feel free to leave us with any questions you may have. We love to hear from you!

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BitsVital Website and the owner David Swanson

Website Under Construction

Please pardon our dust.

My name is David Swanson and I’m the owner of BitsVital. With starting a new teaching channel on SkillShare and YouTube I’ve decided to open a new business and website called BitsVital.

I’m (David Swanson) a website designer that focuses on WordPress and WooCommerce. I deisgn commercial and personal websites. Which includes server management including mail server, cloud storage, and PBX (phone servers). 

I do a lot of work with intergration with websites that also includes mail servers, cloud servers, PBX servers, CRM’s, account software, and more.

Again, please pardon the dust. I’m publishing my first SkillShare class tomorrow and wanted to make sure the website is up an running so students could ask questions. Please check back daily as the website will be changing A LOT!!!! 🙂