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Open letter to Apple regarding their App store and their >30 percent fee to the developer(s)

Open Letter To Apple

To Apple,

I’ve been following the court case with Epic Software. I want it to be known, that what you are doing with the App store is sick and disgusting. It’s the definition of CORPORATE GREED! You are taking 30…THIRTY!!!! percent from developers for their hard work. Even the merchant service companies (credit card processing) don’t take that high of a percentage from SMALL BUSINESSES!

Yes, you need to make money too. But let’s face it. You don’t have a “live” employee looking at every app and examining the code to make sure it doesn’t contain malware/viruses/malicious…dot dot dot! You have an algorithm that does it for you.

Yes, programmers like myself created that algorithm. You should rightly be paid for developing that algorithm. BUT…Let’s FACE IT! You have a trillion, a TRILLION dollars in the bank. THIRTY percent you’re taking from SMALL BUSINESSES that are making you a TRILLION dollar company! THAT IS SICK! Just plain SICK and DISGUSTING. The pure definition of CORPORATE GREED!

David Swanson