How To Install Mail-In-A-Box On Amazon AWS LightSail

If you don’t feel comfortable install Mail-In-A-Box with these instructions. No problem! Just scroll down to the bottom of this description. We will do it for you and the best part is 10% of the cost goes to Mail-In-A-Box to keep the project alive! 🙂

Tried of large companies spying on you. Don’t understand their privacy policies? Take control of your data. Mail-In-A-Box makes it super simple to install your own mail server with unlimited email addresses and domain names. Now have a professional, unique, creative domain name for your business or family.

Not only does Mail In A Box is an email server it also includes NextCloud. This allows you all the features of Google Apps which include Cloud Storage with device sync, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and so much more.

And the best thing is it’s FREE and super simple to install. The only cost is a $5.00 server form Amazon AWS which I show you how to easily setup.

In the video, you will learn how to register a domain name with Amazon AWS Route 53 and install Mail In A Box on an Amazon AWS Lightsail server.

PLEASE remember Mail In A Box and NextCloud is open source and FREE and counts on user’s donations. If you find Mail In A Box and NextCloud beneficial please consider making a donation to keep the projects live and free.

Download the Mail-In-A-Box manual from BitsVital at:

Don’t feel comfortable install Mail-In-A-Box? Don’t have the time. That’s okay. BitsVital will do it for you. We will setup Mail-In-A-Box and register a domain for you (if needed, you may already have one; which we can use). The best part is 10% of the cost goes back to Mail-In-A-Box to help support the project! 🙂
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