Mail-In-A-Box Server, Installation and Configuration

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Mail-In-A Box is your own private email server that YOU CONTROL!, Mail-In-A-Box has a plethora of features including cloud storage (just like Google Drive), cloud calendar (just like Google calendar), contacts (just like Google Contacts), tasks, and so much all using built-in NextCloud.

Say goodbye to Google and their so-called privacy policy. With Mail-In-A-Box and NextCloud you can replace Google Apps for your business. Or have your own private email server for your family.

Mail-In-A-Box allows for unlimited email addresses and domains*

Finally, have a professional email address for your business and be able to create and deactivate employee email addresses at any time. No additional cost!!! Meaning NO MORE $3.00, $5.00, $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, and so on fee per user!!!

This package from BitsVital will install and configure a Mail-In-A-Box server for you on Amazon AWS Lightsail***. If you already have a domain name we will help you direct it to your Mail-In-A-Box server (it’s actually really easy to do) or even better yet, transfer it to Amazon AWS Route53. If you don’t have a domain we will help you select one and register it for you on Amazon AWS Route 53.**/****

*Dependent on server specifications
**Registering a domain requires the owner to accept and confirm registration through email
***Amazon AWS Lightsail requires a monthly server fee not included with this service
****Cost of the domain name is not included and is a separate cost charged by Amazon AWS Route53


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