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No…Kent Walker CLO at Google…It’s NOT Flawed

No Kent Walker, Chief Legal Officer at Google the DOJ lawsuit is not flawed. My mother, 74 years old had no idea other search engines exist. She uses the iPhone, iPad, and a Chrome Book. It’s built into Safari and Chrome Book. DuckDuckGo is equally as good as Google. Once I shower her this. And, guess what? Your privacy policy and then DuckDuckGo’s privacy policy. Guess which search engine she uses now. And her first question. How do you switch to DuckDuckGo. Many seniors, MANY people that are not I.T. trained have no idea of other search engines let alone how to switch to them on their devices. That’s because you made it so difficult to do this.

No Kent Walker. The lawsuit is NOT flawed. What is FLAWED is Googles disgusting and illegal marketing tactics!

DOJ is late to the party. They should have done this long ago! At least they are acting now!