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Thank you, Microsoft!

As most who know me know that I’m not a fan of Microsoft. Especially, when Microsoft purchased GitHub. My own view and opnion is that a for-profit corporation should not be in control of the largest repositories of open-source software. Especially, a for-profit software company as large as Microsoft who creates operating systems. That’s why I try not to use GitHub and use Fossil-SCM.

However, my opinion of Microsoft has went up a bit after reading this. I have to wonder if Microsoft wasn’t as far behind as they are with regards to smartphone and their own app store if they would be doing this. But, I have to put that to the side and appreciate that they are doing this. Hopefully this will pressure Apple, Google and anyone in the future that you can’t be a dictator. Shame on your Google and Apple!

Per The Verge article linked below Microsoft will allow developers to use their own payment gateway and allow other software sources to be used. Thank you MICROSOFT!

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